This Is What Former President and Dictator Ferdinand Marcos Accomplished During His 20-Year Term! What Can You Say About This?


The burial of former President and Dictator Ferdinand Marcos polarized the nation. Although his 2 decade long regime was rife with human rights violations and widespread corruption, some netizens are still hailing his accomplishments regarding the country’s infrastructure.

These are the things that former President Ferdinand Marcos was able to implement during his 20 year regime. 

Check out this list to see his achievements!

Take note, these infrastructural achievements were paid off by ordinary citizens. In fact, most of these projects were also funded using borrowed money; a debt that we are still paying off today. 
Statistics show that The Marcos Era might not have been the golden age his supporters led us to believe. According to Rappler, it took us a full generation to be able to recover from the damage that Marcos’ theft and misappropriation of public funds caused. 
Look at these graphs below and see for yourself:

What about you, dear readers? Do you think his accomplishments make up for the human rights abuses that ran rampant during his 2 decade long regime? What about the billions of pesos he stole from the Filipino people, which we are still paying off today? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: TNP, Youtube

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