This Inspiring Story Of A 52-Year-Old Farmer Who Returned To School As A Grade 1 Pupil Goes Viral! READ HERE!


It’s never too late for anything. Despite discouragements and going through trials and tribulations, this old man believed that his chances never ran out. He did not let his age stop his desire to go back to school. 

Joseph Alba, 52-years-old, went back to his old school, Vicmico Elementary School in Manapla, Negros Occidental, and enrolled as a grade 1 pupil.

He finally decided to end the bullying he was experiencing by going back to school and earning an education. He noted that this will help him read locations, street signs and directions.

According to his story, he used to skip class when he was a kid. Unfortunately, he had to stop school in the third grade after his parents died. To make ends meet, he was forced to work in a sugarcane field.  

However, he had to quit his job as he cannot take the heat due to his advanced age.

He is now working as a helper for the Pasingca family. Susan Pasingca noticed his interest in learning when Alba would sit behind her granddaughter, who was in the 2nd grade, and observed what she was doing.

They then decided to help Alba enroll, bought him uniforms and gave him an allowance of P5 to P10 per day. 

Fria Laguda, one of Alba's teachers, says that he is a fast learner.

Alba hopes to make it to 6th grade and show kids the importance of learning. 

This Inspiring story of a 52-year-old Farmer Who Returned to School as a Grade 1 Pupil Goes Viral! READ HERE!

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