This Dog Always Stops This Boy's Nightmares By Doing One Special Thing! This Will Melt Your Heart!


It must be hard for parents who have children with special needs. Tupper is 3 year old boy diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or ASD

Nancy Dunlop, the boy’s mother explained that there was a time when the boy had very bad nightmares – where he’ll lash out and scream: he “slept between three and six hours per night. But he woke up every 20 to 40 minutes” 

Not only that, sometimes the boy has ‘waking nightmares’ too where he would hurt himself. It’s not his fault, of course. This sort of thing comes with taking care of special needs children. 

That was before he met Lego

Lego is a medical service dog from MSAR: an organization that trains service dogs. Lego was trained to give comfort to Tupper, helping the boy relax when he was tense or feeling anxious. The dog would always sleep beside Tupper so his nightmares wont come back. 

Whenever the Tupper would run into the street or start hurting himself, Lego would simply place his paw around the boy to calm him down. Now the two friends go everywhere together.

The mother even admitted that Tupper now “sleeps eight to 10 hours a night" 

The Bond Between A Boy and His Dog Will Melt Your Heart!
Source: TNP , Thedodo

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