This Crazy Yellow Kia Car Ran Over Several Motorcyles and Cars Just to Get Away With Her Violation!


Seems like charges will be filed against this driver whose car had been tagged as the "Crazy Yellow Kia in Rockwell." This is after she hit several traffic enforcers' motorcycles, and private vehicles. The incident was shared by Kitt Lapeña and happened around 6pm last Novermber 11, 2016. 

According to him, he was walking down the Rockwell drive and was taken aback by the the siren of a motorcycle who was trying to chase this yellow Kia car. The motorcycle appeared to be a traffic enforcer and it can be assumed that the car had a violation and is being tracked down. However, the driver refused to stop and drove as fast as she could instead. 

Due to traffic, the motorcycle was able to catch up with her. But she didn't back down and reversed towards Lopez. When the motorcycle caught up with her again, she drove forward once again. The traffic enforcer may have lost his patience and hit the car's rear. This time, the woman in the car alighted and shouted "How dare you hit my car! May lisensya ka ba?!!"

But the chase didn't stop there! A minute later, Lapeña shared how the car zoomed in once again, turning right at Kalayaan and was pursued by 5 motorcycles. She was stuck in traffic, but she didn't back down! She ran over several motorcycles and cars just to get away! She even hit the parked cars and a steel gate! 

Well, the ending of this story is yet to be issued by the authorities. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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