This Boy Threw A Broom At His Mother's Face And Was Severely Punished For It! Watch Here!


A video featuring a young boy throwing a broom at what appears to be his mother went viral. 

In the video, a young boy appeared very angry at the start of the recording. He picked up a ‘walis tambo’ and threw it right at the face of the older woman – presumably the boy’s mother.

Unsurprisingly the woman got very angry and a scuffle happened between the two. There was a lot of hair pulling.

Soon after, both individuals were separated by a man coming out from the house. Visibly, the boy looked sorry after the incident.

It’s unclear what prompted the fight, or why the boy was acting this way.

It’s a sad sight to see children behaving like this – as well as the mother’s reaction. 

Was the punishment justified? What do you think, dear readers? Watch the video here. 

Source: TNP , Facebook

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