This Baby Miraculously Woke Up From A Coma Just As Doctors Were About To Switch Off Life Support! MUST WATCH!


The debate about the morality of mercy-killing has long been ongoing. As much as family members and loved ones want to stay hopeful about a patient’s condition, maintaining life support is quite expensive. 

However, this video might make you think twice about euthanasia. As doctors were about to cut off life support for 1-year-old Marwa, who had been comatose for two months, something miraculous happened. 

Marwa caught a rare virus which prompted doctors to put her in an induced coma. Doctors insisted that she would have severe malfunctions if ever she woke up and suggested that they pull the plug on the little girl’s life support. 

Her parents successfully asked for court action to keep her alive as long as possible and she was given a 2 month extension. 

They got lucky, as Marwa took them all by surprise when she suddenly and inexplicably opened her eyes. 

Her father captured the miraculous moment and posted it on social media. It immediately went viral and has so far garnered 9,400 reactions and over 500 shares

Many netizens were touched by the miracle. One even commented: "This is proof God exists! Never mind the thousands of other babies who aren't as lucky. God is real!'

Watch video below:

Source: TNP, Dailymail

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