This 15-Year-Old Pinay Stuns Everyone With Her Powerful Sarah Geronimo-like Voice! Must Watch!


Let's have a break from all the happenings in our country, and put the spotlight on this student with an amazing voice, shall we?

A video surfaced around the social media recently when a netizen named Sydney Mejia Austria filmed her classmate, doing back to back covers of powerful songs such as Till I met you, All by Myself and the Power of Love.

This student from Speaker Eugenio Perez National Agricultural School (SEPNAS) named Alona Gutierrez amazed the entire nation with her vocals which is comparable to  Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez.

And check this out, she's only fifteen! It's truly amazing to see young talents in our country! Watch the full video below and see it for yourself

Source: TNP, Facebook

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