The View From This Spring Is Breathtaking, But The Holes Beneath It Will Horrify You! Must Watch

Jacob's Well in Wimberly, Texas is considered to be the most dangerous place on Earth for divers.

This alluring spring is a beautiful, stunning place that constantly attracts divers and tourists alike. 
However, its beauty hides danger beneath the surface. 

The spring's mouth is four meters wide and ten meters deep. 

It has four holes: the first is roughly 25 feet deep, the second is about 35 feet, and the third is around 75 feet deep. As for the fourth hole, it remains indefinite up to this day.

The spring has the largest underwater cave in Texas, reaching up to forty meters in depth.

Curious and brave divers who attempt to explore and unravel the mysteries of the spring, despite the lurking danger, may be admirable, but the risks are real. 

Reports claim that it has already claimed up to nine lives.

Source: TNP, SocialTrends

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