The Philippines is One of Asia’s Top 5 Gold Producers!


The Philippines got the 5th spot as one of Asia’s top gold producers, alongside the other 4 countries who produce 91 percent of the gold in the entire continent.

China was the top producer of gold in 2012, when its gold production rose by 12 tons (from 204 to 397 tons) in the year 2013.

Indonesia was second on the list, producing 134.3 metric tons of gold in 2014, according to a GFMS gold survey. Grasberg Mine is one of Indonesia’s top mining companies, responsible for mining most of the country’s gold.

Uzbekistan took third place, producing 83.2 metric tons of gold in 2015. Gold has a very significant role in their economy. The Muruntau Gold Deposit, the largest open-pit gold mine, is located in Uzbekistan’s Kyzylkum Desert. 

According to the survey, coming in fourth is Kazakhstan, with 47.5 metric tons of gold. 
The Philippines produces 46.8 metric tons, placing us within the top 5. 
In sixth place is Mongolia with 31.3 metric tons.

The Philippines is One of Asia’s Top 5 Gold Producers!
Source: TNP, Inquirer

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