The Morning Secret Of Guys That They Keep From The Girls! What Is It? FIND OUT HERE!


What most don't know about men is that they too can keep things to themselves. Especially when this thing involves their manhood.

Some women are unaware about this secret because men feel that it is shameful to admit it to them. 

In the morning, there is something that occurs to most men and they have no control to it. They call it the 'morning wood' but it is medically known as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) or the urge to make love to their partners early in the day.

The situation is triggered by the s*xual or 'wet' dreams these men had in their sleep. It is also built up by brain control wherein the man control their feelings at arousal point in the morning. 

They can also blame hormones for invoking their testosterone levels, which appear to be higher at day. 

Moreover, a little touching and interaction activates the 'morning wood',  producing a raging boner to the man by your side.

It's time to embrace the truth, gentlemen! It's not shameful to get a hard-on every morning. Waking up to your significant other every day is a turn-on itself so why be shy about wanting to make love to them? 

Man up! (pun intended)

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