Teacher With Cancer Gets Serenaded By 400 Students! TOUCHING!


Teachers inspire us, mentor us, lift us up and help us in achieving our dreams. That is why these students gave back their gratitude to their beloved teacher.

Ben Ellis is a Latin Teacher at the Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, who is battling with cancer. The students gathered themselves and went to Ellislawn and sang worship songs.

In the video, Mr. Ellis was seen sitting by the window and singing along with the students the song “Holy Spirit” by Jesus Culture. The student body, composed of 400+ students together with the faculty members, participated in the heart-warming event.

The moment was captured by nusician Tim McGraw’s friend and uploaded it on Facebook.

 "A friend sent this to me today. Ben Ellis is a Nashville area high school teacher battling cancer,” McGraw wrote.

A parent wrote on facebook about how Mr. Ellis is a loving and dedicated teacher. 

"He is the definition of a teacher, a role model, a servant. He wrote the kids a letter telling them he is even more certain now that God is Good and with us. And Ben is full of hope, joy, and peace.
"He told them to look to Jesus to be filled,” the parent said.

The parent also posted a letter coming from the principal that the chapel for high school students will be improved because the high school students and faculty members received a vision.

"I wanted to give you an update on this morning’s change of schedule and chapel for the high school, as it was a bit unorthodox, but sometimes that’s just how the Holy Spirit calls us to be.

Over the course of last night and into this morning, three separate and unrelated people approached me saying that while praying they received a vision of the high school students and faculty singing praises on the front lawn of the home of Ben Ellis, our Latin teacher who is battling cancer and who loves a good hymn sing,” the Principal announced. 

After going to Mr. Ellis’ lawn, according to the Principal, the students and the faculty went to the chapel, prayed and praised God.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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