Supreme Court To Vote On Petition To Stop Marcos Hero's Burial


Marcos' Hero's Burial stirred a lot of controversies since President Duterte announced his approval. Many Martial Law victims conducted protests saying that Marcos is no hero and shouldn't be honored as one. Many politicians also noted how the Marcos family should own up to their mistakes. A petition to hinder the said burial was even submitted to the Supreme Court

However, seems like the odds are in Marcos' favor as majority of the Supreme Court justices are inclined to reject the said petition. Many justices justify the rejection saying that the burial was issued through a "presidential prerogative" referring to Duterte's approval. 

“Libingan ng mga Bayani is the cemetery for soldiers and presidents and there is no law law prohibiting him to be buried there. It is within the powers and prerogative of President Duterte,” one justice said. 

Meanwhile, they are set to vote on the petition today, November 8, where 14 justices are expected to cast their votes excluding Associate Justice Bienvenido Reyes, who was a classmate of Duterte at San Beda College of Law but also a close friend and business partner of former President Benigno Aquino III. 7 more votes are needed for late dictator to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Supreme Court To Vote On Petition To Stop Marcos Hero's Burial

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