This Undiscovered Amazonian Tribe Is In Danger Of Being Wiped Out Because Of Illegal Mining!


While many indigenous tribes have started to adapt to civilization and industrialization, this tribe in the Brazilian Amazon were able to remain untouched and continue to abide by their traditional ways. They were discovered after they were photographed from the air for the first time. However, the Brazilian government found out that illegal miners were about to overrun their territory. 

As of 1992, the government protected the area as it used to be home for 22,000 individuals in which three tribes remain uncontacted by Western intervention. The number diminished years ago due to miners encroaching on the space. Earlier this year, it was reported that 90 percent of the tribes got poisoned with mercury produced by mining. 

Survival International director Stephen Corry said: “These extraordinary images are further proof of the existence of still more uncontacted tribes. They’re not savages but complex and contemporary societies whose rights must be respected.”

See photos below:

Stunning Photos Show Undiscovered Amazonian Tribe In Danger Of Being Wiped Out ByIllegal Mining!
Source: TNP , Iflscience

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