Son Beats Up His Own Parents Because Of 'Small' Present For His Wedding Day!


All parents wish the best for their children. They all work hard so they can provide a good life and support them until they can stand on their own. As for the children, they can only repay their parents through honoring and respecting them at all times. However, this guy doesn't care about all of that.

A video took the internet by storm and angered a lot netizens. It shows a young man, brutally beating up an older couple. To make it worse, this couple were his parents! Apparently, he was mad because his father gave him an apartment as a wedding gift which he thought was too small. Unsatisfied with the present, he started beating up his father and mother in public.

Many bystanders tried to interfere and lecture him about respecting his parents. But he was unstoppable until the police arrested him some minutes later.

This was surely a day of regret for the lady he just married.

Watch the horrible video below:

Source: TNP, DailyMail

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