A Pinoy Taxi Driver Kicked Out This Old Man With His Grandchild in the Middle of EDSA Traffic!


A video clip of an elderly man and his grand daughter forcibly ejected out of a taxi in the middle of heavy EDSA traffic has gone viral.

"Kanina yan mga 4pm sa Edsa Buendia, pinababa ni manong driver ang pasahero niya sa taxi kasi sobrang traffic daw. Kawawa naman si manong pasahero dala dala nya pa ung apo niya,” said the netizen who posted the video.

The identity of the elderly man and the taxi driver remain unknown. The online community was outraged by the action of the taxi driver.

Some netizens tagged him as "selfish" and "inconsiderate." Some taxi drivers said they understand the situation but agreed that the action was uncalled for.


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