'Shame on her', La Salle Professor Cries Foul After Marcos Protester Holds Placard Saying 'Ukinam'


La Salle Professor Antonio P Contreras cried foul after uploading a photo of a Marcos protester holding a placard with the words “Ukinam Marcos” written on it. 

The netizen uploaded the photo on his personal Facebook page. 

The caption on the photo states: 

“I am sharing this picture to shame this person. And do not give me the crap that I am bullying her. I am not calling her names. I am not demeaning her appearance or anatomy. She had the audacity to go to a public rally, carry this despicable placard that bears her politics of personal attacks, and had her picture taken with it, even proudly. She has become public property in this act.
Shame on her.”

Contreras further explains that he’s tolerant of the use of swear words, but draws the line when concerning political rally. 

“I am tolerant of "p*t*ng in*" but not in a placard in a political rally. And it is not even "p*t*ng in* m*" but "p*ki ng in* m*" in Ilokano. That is where I draw the line.”

Other netizens have offered their opinions on this photo. 

Some comments question the girl’s education and upbringing.

Debbie Lyn Agbayani Blanck comments:

OMG! So sad to see a young girl acting like this! I am an ilocano and saying a bad word like that only shows that you are a bad person and that you were raised by a bad parents. Kung baga wala siyang [modo!] Walang takot sa Diyos! At saka patay na yong pinagsasabihan nya! Anong klaseng pag iisip meron siya? Lord please forgive these people! 

Lynn B. Bautista comments:

Walang breeding ang mga estudyanteng ito..they belong to a religious university. If this is the product of your educational system..what a shame.. 

Other comments suggest that perhaps this what happens when our President openly swears.


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