Senator Pacquiao Says No One Can Judge Ex-Dictator Marcos... Except God!


Senator Manny Pacquiao once again used God and the Bible in defense of the controversial and sneaky burial of former President and Dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, saying only God can judge the late tyrant.

In an episode of "Bawal ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie," Pacquiao said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the decision of burying Marcos in the cemetery meant for heroes of the society because no one but God is in the position of judging everyone.

"Kung baga, ang sabi ko sa kanila, ang Panginoon nagpapatawad sa atin, na Panginoon is perfect, holy. Tayo, holy ba tayo?" Pacquiao said.

"Makasalanan din tayo. Sino yung walang kasalanan, at hindi nakagawa ng kasalanan, ikaw, may karapatan ka hindi magpatawad." He added.

Pacquiao also asked Martial Law and torture victims to simply forgive the late dictator, despite his regime’s countless atrocities. 
"Mga nagawa niya (Marcos), dapat patawarin na lang sila," the senator claimed.

According to Pacquiao, Marcos’ numerous crimes against humanity and various acts of plunder and corruption against the Filipino people were not enough to disqualify him for a spot in the LNMB because he was elected President by the people.

"Ganito kasi yun, eh. Na una ba ang pagiging diktador niya bago naging presidente, o na una yung presidente bago naging diktador? Pagka presidente niya, qualified na to be buried," Pacquiao explained.

The multiple-time pound-for-pound boxing champion also said that the issues surrounding his dictatorship, like plunder and human rights violations, would be buried along with him as part of forgiving and moving on. 

"Ganito po kasi yun, eh. Matagal na po iyang issue na yan. Hanggat hindi nailibing yan, ang issue buhay na buhay. Hangat hindi nalilibing yan hindi mawawala ang issue. Pag nalibing na yan, hindi na mapagusapan niyan," Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao using God and the Bible as his justifications for policies and decision-making is not really new for the Filipinos.

Despite telling everyone to move on from Marcos’ atrocities because only God could judge him, he previously announced that he is for the reinstitution of the death penalty, especially for drug-based offenses, because apparently God is not just the God of mercy but also the God of justice. 
His contradictory statements were made even more ironic by the fact that he had previously admitted to using different kinds of drugs while he was still starting out in boxing. He claims that he has since changed for the better.

Anti-Marcos groups understandably became enraged after the Supreme Court decided that Marcos should be buried in the LNMB. Tensions escalated after the PNP announced the surprise burial of the late dictator.

This action ignited spontaneous protests among universities and at the People Power Monument along EDSA.

Thousands of protesters attended the "Black Friday" protest which was held at the Luneta on November 25. Another demonstration is scheduled on November 30 at People Power Monument.

Senator Pacquiao Says No One Can Judge Ex-Dictator Marcos... Except God!
Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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