Sen. Cayetano On Donald Trump's Victory: 'Better for the Philippines'


The United States under the leadership of Trump “will benefit the Philippines” said Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano after the victory of Trump for presidential candidacy on Wednesday. 

Cayetano believes that Trump’s term will open doors to “rebooting and warming of our relationship with the U.S” after it has been affected after President’s Duterte’s continued harangue against Washington.

In his message, Cayetano mentioned how Duterte and Trump had similarities in their campaign for change in their respective presidential runs. 

“Trump acknowledged that much change is needed both in America and the world. Just as President Duterte campaigned for real change,” Cayetano said “Both leaders recognized the need for but were often criticized for their being frank and saying things that the political and business elite thought shouldn’t be said” 

Sen. Cayetano : Trump and Duterte Are The Change That The World Needs
Source: TNP , Inquirer

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