Rhian Ramos Was Harassed Twice By Unnamed Man In Club: 'What Did I Do To Ask For This?'


Rhian Ramos was both furious and calm when she vented on Instagram about something that she was so afraid of. 

Despite this, she gave out a warning to all the men and women out there to stand up against s*xual harassment.

In a lengthy post, Rhian told the world about her experience. During a night out, she told everyone that she was s*xually harassed by a man who, for the sake of her daughters, will not be named. 
The man grabbed her rear and out of frustration, she just cried to herself and told her two guy friends about it.

Rhian wrote in the post that she always thought of herself as a strong woman, and that if ever come a time like this, that she will be able to stand up for herself. 

One friend called this man out to apologize to her and that he did. The man was brought to Rhian and he kneeled down to apologize, but took the chance to squeeze the actress's behind one more time and fled out of the scene.


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