Remember Comedienne Whitney Tyson? This Is What Happened To Her. Watch This!


Whitney Tyson, or Bunny Fowler in real life, is one of the well-known comediennes during the 80's. She was first thrust in the spotlight in 1988 after she joined Christopher de Leon and Edgar Mortis in a comedy show. She started appearing in movies since and started establishing herself in the industry. Some of the films she appeared in were "Yes Darling: Walang Matigas na Pulis 2," "Tar-San," and "Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela-Wan." She also had supporting roles in television shows, such as Mara Clara, Still GoinBananas, Tropang Trumpo, and Richard Loves Lucy.

However, after some years, she was out of the public eye and people were left wondering why. As of now, she is struggling with her finances and regrets that wasn't able to save money when she was still earning. She said:

“After mag-tape, bigay na yung budget, ang pinapalabas kong pera sa isang araw, kung hindi sampung libo, walang-wala yun [After the taping, the budget was immediately given to me. I used to spend P10,000 each day and that was nothing to me],” she said.

“Noong time na yun, ang nasa isip ko noon, lagi naman meron, e. Lagi naman may show, e, lagi naman may shooting, lagi naman may guesting. E, ‘di gastos lang nang gastos, hindi ako nag-isip na biglang mawawala nang ganun [That time, what I thought was I will always have money. I will always have a show, I will always have shootings, I will always have guestings. I never thought that I would lose all those things in an instant],” she added.

She also noted that if she would be given a chance again, she will make the most of it.

“Ibang Whitney Tyson na ang makikita nila. Mamahalin ko na ang trabaho at mas mamahalin ko na ang aking sahod [They would see a different Whitney Tyson. I would love my work and I would love my earnings even more],”

Source: TNP, GMA

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