This 52-Year-Old Woman Is Pregnant With Twins And They Were All Shocked When They Found Out Who's The Father!


Mothers can truly do any thing in the name of love for their children. Willingly, they would give their best just to provide their needs.

In this case, despite the mother's old age, 52, her decision to fulfill her daughter's desire did not falter.

Crystal knew that her daughter, Kendra, is having troubles getting pregnant. Kendra had tried various ways to conceive a baby with her husband but failed every time. 

Ever heard of a surrogation?

It is done through in-vitro fertilization wherein the egg cells and sperm cells of the infertile couple are placed into another person that is capable to conceive in order to form a life inside.

This 52-year-old woman bravely went through surrogation just for her daughter without having second thoughts. Regardless of the difficulties she will face knowing her age, Crystal whole-heartedly accepted the task only a mother can do to her child.

To the surprise of all, Crystal carried not just one baby, but a pair of twins! Her delivery wasn't easy though because she fainted after it and her blood pressure rose. In the end, the doctors got it under control so they all went home happy and healthy -- with two lovely babies!


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