Agriculture Secretary Manny Piňol Shows Off Solar-powered Irrigation System!


Much praise has been given to the Duterte administration despite the many criticism hurled at them in just a span of a few months. 
Much good news can be heard from their work, and Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol has more to add to that. 

In a Facebook post, the secretary said that the launch of the first working model of a solar-powered irrigation system and circular fish and vegetable tanks designed by a group of Filipino and American engineers will be operational in approximately two weeks.
He expressed pride in the work of the department, emphasizing the fact that the models were all modeled from the work of Tilapia farmer Rocky French, a Filipino-American, who has devoted his life to inventing and designing modern technology in tilapia farming.

The secretary also shared with his followers and friends his “Biyaheng Bukid”, a journey which brought him to explore the areas around the country which need agricultural attention

He also said there that he thanks the President for appointing him as the DOA secretary, and that they plan to show him the project when it is finally fully operational. 

“On Dec. 16, I hope to invite President Rody Duterte to witness the actual demonstration of this project which I believe would not only contribute to greater food production but also address poverty and malnutrition in the countryside. #Changeiscoming!  #PresRodyCares!  #DuterteDelivers!

Agriculture Secretary Manny Piňol Shows off Solar-powered Irrigation System!
Source: TNP, Facebook

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