President Duterte To Grant Pardon For Prisoners Aged 80 and Above This December 'so that they could return home'


Following his absolute pardon of ex-convict and actor Robin Padilla, President Rodrigo Duterte now plans to grant presidential pardon to elderly inmates aged 80 and above and who have served for 40 years or more in prison.

In a press conference with the media reporters in Malacañang Palace, the president announced his plan to grant freedom to frail inmates by December of this year.

“I am contemplating, we are preparing it. Lahat ng matatanda saka may sakit (all elderly including those who are sick), iyung may rayuma na (those with rheumatitis), hindi na makatakbo (those who can’t run), 80 years old above -- kung gusto nila (if they want), kung may mauwian pa sila (if they still have a place to come home to), I will grant them pardon also so that they could return home” the president said.

In addition, he also said that inmates who have been imprisoned for 40 years or more “deserve to be out.”

His announcement came after he granted absolute pardon to actor Robin Padilla, who was convicted in 1994 due to illegal possession of firearms. 

Granting absolute pardon to Padilla restores his civil and political rights including his right to vote, right to run for office and right to travel abroad.

Source: ABS-CBN, TNP

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