Politician Spent $74M For Daughter’s Wedding Amidst National Crisis!


A politician from India is now being scrutinized after he spent $74 million for his daughter’s wedding in the middle of a national crisis.

Former Indian state minister G Janardhana Reddy was hit by many critics after he spent huge amount money for the wedding of his daughter. What made the citizens furious is the fact that the wedding happened while there was a national crisis in their country.

Currently, India is experiencing cash flow crisis due to the abolition of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Because of this, many tagged the wedding as an “obscene display of wealth”.

The $74 million or 5 billion rupee wedding has the following according to buzzflare.com
-5 day celebration
-invitation cards are gold-plated and fitted with LCD screens ($150,000)
-bride’s wedding sari ($2.5 million)
-bride’s jeweler ($13 million)
-3,000 private security personnel
-300 policemen with sniffer dogs and bomb squads
-actual wedding venue resembled ancient Hindu temples created by 8 Bollywood directors
-a man-made village specifically created for dining purposes.

Reddy already released a statement explaining that the money spent for the wedding was from his mortgaged properties and payments for it were made 6 months prior to the wedding. However, this explanation did not shut critics up and the wedding is still under speculation.

Source: TNP, Buzzflare, Youtube

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