WATCH: This Policeman Was Criticized By Netizens For Doing This To These Innocent Teens Playing Basketball!


With the police using force against civilians, it looks like justice has taken an unfair side. Fortunately, with technology and social media, justice could still be rightfully served.

A shocking video of a policeman bullying a group of teenagers who were playing basketball during a raid has gone viral. Netizens reacted by criticizing the policeman’s unjust actions.

The video featured teenagers playing basketball in their backyard. A few moments later, armed policemen made their way through the backyard, disrupting the basketball game.

One of the policemen ordered the teens to pass him the ball. After getting it, the cop maliciously threw the ball away from the teens for no discernable reason.

Netizens slammed the cop for bullying the teens and using his powers to intimidate innocents instead of protecting them.

“Oo tama yung ginagawa nilang raid pabor tayo dun . Pero ung attitude ng pulis hindi tama. Wala ba silang work ethics,” a netizen said.

A few netizens cried in support of the policeman involved in the video, saying he might have just been trying to protect the teens from getting harmed during the police operation.

However, other netizens pointed out that he could have just told the teens to stop playing and go away because they might get shot during the raid.

“Pwede naman sila patigilin sa maayos na pananalita hindi yung itatapon yung bola,” a netizen explained.

The policeman involved in the video has not yet spoken to the public about the incident.

Watch the incident here:

Source: TNP , Kami

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