PNR Will Resume Trip From Manila to Naga City!


To ease up the heavy traffic congestion in Metro Manila, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) will resume its Manila to Naga City operations as early as Dec. 15 for people who have to go back to their province.

Currently, there is a pending final inspection by transportation officials next week to make sure the train is safe and reliable for its passengers.

“We are inclined to recommend the resumption of the Manila-Naga-Manila operations within this year. Our target is Dec. 15,” Assistant Transportation Secretary for Rails Cesar Chavez said.

Acting PNR Manager Joseline Geronimo said it will help lessen heavy traffic during Christmas season when commuters go back to their provinces to celebrate the holidays with them.

However, he said that PNR is still requesting for the log ban exemption from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources so it could use "yakal" hardwood as rail ties for places like Ragay and Del Gallego bridges.

But even if the agency would not be granted with their permission, he said the train runs would still go on but the speed would be reduced from 40 kph to 10 kph when crossing bridges.

The PNR stopped its operation four years ago when one of its trains had an accident in Quezon province during a typhoon.

PNR Will Resume Trip From Manila to Naga City!
Source: TNP, InQuirer

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