Pacquiao Pushes for 6-Month Paid Leave For Working Moms!


Following the victory of Manny Pacquiao against Jessie Vargas which made him an eight-division world champion, he is now back in the Senate to fulfill his role as an elected Senator. He actually donated his WBO Welterweight belt to the senate as thanksgiving and to prove that he performs both roles effectively.

In fact, he proposed a bill recently asking for a 6-month paid leave for women working in the government and private sector. This aims to change the current 60-day allowable leave. The proposal was under House Bill 3590. Eligibility for the said leave includes at least two years of rendered service. Women who rendered their service for more than a year but less than two years shall be given leave in proportion to their length of service while women with less than 1 year in the company can be granted of the 180-days leave  but without pay.

Mothers can avail of the leave for their first four pregnancies. 

Senator Pacquiao pushes for the bill to give more time for mothers to take care their babies and to complete the 6-month recommended time for  breastfeeding. 

He noted the standard recommendation of International Labor Organization which is no less than 14 weeks and said: 

“These adverse effects on work performance would have an impact on the business in terms of loss of productivity, difficulty retaining women staff, increased costs, poor industrial relations, and poor company image,” 

“Employers in both the government and private sectors are encouraged to understand the long-term positive benefits they would gain should they grant their women employees the privilege of being able to nurture their babies for a longer period of time,” 

Pacquiao Pushes for 6-Month Paid Leave For Working Moms!
Source: TNP, GMA-News

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