Over 100 Filipinos In America Were Scammed By Cargo Companies!


Sansu International, Inc. and RDR Cargo are being blamed for scamming Filipinos in America looking to send home ‘Balikbayan’ boxes to their relatives and loved ones.

Tess Madamba, a Filipina caregiver from Queens, New York, just wanted to send boxes to her relatives living in The Philippines. She used the services of Sansu International and RDR Cargo to send these boxes, but after a year of waiting, her relatives have yet to receive them.

Tess has sent a total of 9 boxes through the 2 companies, 6 for Sansu and 3 for RDR. Her relatives received 2 boxes in February. The rest are still missing.

Tess tried contacting both companies but they were unreachable.
'I called the manager several times to follow up the delivery but her only response was that the shipments were already in Manila but can’t be released by the Bureau of Customs pending payment of the required customs duties and taxes,' she recalled. '(She) even said she has to leave for Manila after Christmas to personally attend to the issues at hand.' Tess said.

Tracking down these boxes won’t be easy. According to GMA News Online:
'A written complaint, complete with documentary evidences, such as official receipts and cargo receipts, may be filed with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry-Philippine Shippers Bureau by fax at (02) 751-3305 or email at dti_psb@yahoo.com. There is no guarantee the cost of boxes will be recovered or that the cargo company will be held liable. It is best to keep in mind the embassies’ constant reminder: Deal only with PSB-accredited freight forwarders.'

Balikbayan boxes are symbolic of the hard work put in by Filipinos living and working abroad. These packages are meant to bring joy to their relatives and loved ones, which is why Tess and many of her fellow OFWs are disheartened.

“Many of our ‘kababayan’ who trusted these cargo forwarders felt cheated with what they did to our ‘padala’ to our loved ones,” Tess bemoaned. 

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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