One Bite From This Tick Can Make You A Vegetarian For Life.


There’s a lot of danger lurking all around us. Insects, despite their tiny size, should rank high on the list of life-threatening dangers. Here’s why:

Some bug bites may contain toxins strong enough to cause paralysis, amputations, diseases and even death.

Among these bugs, however, is a creature that has a bite with a grave, life-altering effect to humans. 

The Lone Star Tick or Amblyomma Americanum is a tiny insect whose bite can change the way your body processes meat. 

The Lone Star Tick is commonly found in forests and wooded areas around the Midwestern United States, namely in Maine, Texas and central Wisconsin. Although some have claimed sightings in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemela and even Quebec.

Its saliva contains an alpha gel that enters the bloodstream through its bite. This gel is also found in red meat and is easily digestible, however, it has a different effect once it enters the bloodstream. 

Once the body’s immune system realizes the presence of the gel in the bloodstream, it is then perceived as a threat. The body then releases antibodies to fight off the perceived threat, triggering an allergic reaction that results in swelling, vomiting, choking and even death. 

Although some look at this as an opportunity to be forced into beginning a new, healthier lifestyle, others who enjoy eating meat and are not willing to give it up need to make sure that they stay as far away as possible from the Lone Star Tick.

Source: TNP , EliteReaders

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