Treat Diabetes, Allergy and Kidney Problems Just by Drinking Okra Water! Amazing!


Most people refuse to eat ‘okra’ because of its slimy and hairy texture. However, not a lot of people know okra produces many health benefits and can actually solve different health problems such as diabetes.

Aside from its gooey-gooey texture, okra is also known as a vegetable which carries a package of different nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for the human body. 

Okra produces a chemical called ‘myricetin’ which enables the muscles to absorb glucose hence reducing blood sugar level according to a 2005 study in Taiwan published by Planta Medica.

A study published by ISRN Pharmaceutics, an online journal based in Cairo, Egypt, suggests that okra helps in slowing down the release of glucose in the intestine which helps in the reduction of after-meal glucose rates.

In addition, a study from India published in Journal of Pharmacy & Bioallied Sciences also proved that okra is effective in lowering the sugar level.

These studies suggests that okra helps in controlling and regulating the body’s insulin and can sometimes act as insulin itself.

A cup of raw okra contains the following:
-30 calories or about 3 g of dietary fiber
-2 g of protein
-7.6 g of carbohydrates
-0.1 g of fat
-21 mg of Vit. C
-around 88 micrograms of folate
-57 mg of magnesium

It is believed that drinking okra water on a daily basis will help the body regulate its blood sugar level.

How to make okra water:
1.Pierce each side of the pods with a knife
2.Place the pods in a large mason jar, then cover them with water
3.Soak the pods overnight, at least 8 hrs (up to 24 hrs)
4.In the morning, squeeze the pods into the water to release any leftover sap.
5.Throw the pods away and drink the water

Okra Water: An Effective Diabetes Remedy! MUST READ!

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