OFW Seeks Help From Netizens so He Can Come Home After Being Stranded In Saudi For 11 Months!


Facebook user Cris Gomez Ostia posted a plea by one of his former co-workers in Saudi Arabia who has been stranded there for 11 months. Ostia asked netizens to share his friend’s video so that it could reach the authorities and help him in processing his documents for returning home.

Ostia said that his friend really wanted to go back home to the Philippines. However, the required documents to be renewed are still pending. Moreover, Ostia said that all of them successfully returned home except for his friend. They are hoping for the Philippine government to help them in processing his safe return to the country.

To help speed things up, Ostia gave his friend’s exact location in Saudi Arabi and his recruitment agency: 

“.ang kanyang location..HARAS WATANI NATIONAL GUARD ALBAHAR YANBU SAUDI ARABIA ang agency nya ay eastweast”

Watch the video here:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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