'No, Duterte is not Hitler' Says New Zealand Blogger. READ HERE


President Rodrigo Duterte continues to make rounds in headlines all over the world on the issue of extrajudicial killings. It can be recalled that he had conflicts with former President Barrack Obama and the European Union after they called for an investigation. In New Zealand, Michael Bott, a human rights lawyer, earlier proclaimed that "“I don’t think he has any place in New Zealand”. He was also described as a "nasty, nasty piece of work" by a news anchor named Larry Williams. He was described as the Philippines' Hitler.

"No, Duterte is not Hitler" Says New Zealand Blogger. READ HERE

However, a certain blogger from New Zealand named Cameron Walker defended Duterte and that New Zealand should stop painting Duterte as the evil monster as it counterproductive and is not addressing the complexities of the Philippine political situation. Furthermore, he noted how Duterte is the only President in recent years to resume peace talks with the CPP/NPA. He also expressed a desire to separate from the US and to chart an independent foreign policy. 

Nonetheless, he gave some disclaimers, saying that New Zealand should raise concerns about human rights in the Philippines and not single out Duterte as the main villain. 

Read his full article in this link

"No, Duterte is not Hitler" Says New Zealand Blogger. READ HERE
Source: TNP , Thespinoff

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