New Zealand Offers Scholarships For Filipino Students! How? Find Out Here!


The Ambassador to the Philippines of New Zealand, David Strachan, encouraged Filipino students to apply for the scholarship programs his country offers.

According to an article released by ABS-CBN News, New Zealand is annually offering 24 post graduate scholarships to Filipinos in the field of disaster and risk management, agri-industries and renewable energies.

“We would like to get more students from Mindanao including Moro students and Lumad students to apply for these scholarships,” Strachan said.

The ambassador also added that the number of Filipinos students in their country is rapidly increasing, with 3,600 in 2015.

According to Strachan, New Zealand has 8 universities which are included in the list of the best universities around the globe. 

New Zealand is the only country to have all of its universities included in the list of top 500 best universities worldwide, according to Regional Communications and Strategic Relations Manager in Southeast Asia for Education New Zealand, Ben Burrowes.

New Zealand also ranked 7th in best at Science and Reading in the world and 13th in Math, according to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The country is also among the nations who have consistently high rates of the Education Index published by the UN’s Human Development Index.

New Zealand Offers Scholarships For Filipino Students! How? Find Out Here!
Source: TNP, KickerDaily

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