Netizens Slam Sharon Cuneta For Ranting About Slow Internet In The Philippines!


Recently, veteran actress Sharon Cuneta posted her rant about the slow internet connection she's experiencing in the country.

Netizens went ballistic over her seemingly over dramatic reactions when she could've just told her husband, who is Senator Francis Pangilinan, to propose a bill to improve it instead of complaining about it. 

Here is what she said,

"I cannot believe (or take) how super SLOW wi-fi still is in the Philippines. How can I expect my country to progress a little faster if it doesn’t even have the very basics necessary in this new techie world we move in? So beyond frustrating. Imagine if something like a document was very, very urgent, bound to a ct a whole bunch of people, and you couldn’t get it across because e-mail (or something as simple as a video upload) just wouldn’t *y? Oh, please Lord, let them fix this never-ending problem. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the traffic situation and would rather stay home. Now we can’t even expect to get things done ASAP sitting on our butts. Grrrrr!”   

Immediately, Cuneta became the talk of the town as many commented on her post. Some social media users said that if she could just move to the United States if she really hates the Wi-Fi speed in the country.
hate so much the WiFi in the country, 

“Were you born just today? Philippines has always been like that due to CORRUPTION and your husband KIKO knows more about it – right?! One solution, why not move to the US? They have fast WiFi.” 

Another one quoted criticizing her husband, “I’m your avid fan Ms Sharon but I won’t be in your page in this case. I was once had idolized your hubby butnot now. It’s obvious he never did his part for d good of his countrymen. He never moved his butt neither utilize his role to contribute goodness for our country. Unfortunatelyyou’re married to him. But yeah! Your closer to him why not whisper to him your desperations? May you as well loved Mega star can help our country instead of those politician. I still love you personally.”

Netizens Slam Sharon Cuneta For Ranting About Slow Internet In The Philippines!
Source: TNP, KickerDaily

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