Netizen Raged After Her 7 Cats Died Due To Poisoning!


Cats and kittens are considered “babies” by most netizens, as many social media users are fond of sharing videos and pictures of these adorably cute animals. Their videos usually go viral and trend because most netizens can’t help but be captivated by their cuteness. Many bloggers even consider the idea that they have dominated social media more than any other pet. The love for these precious animals grow day by day.

That is why Facebook user Chris Swit could not control her emotions when she shared her rage on Facebook after finding her 7 cats laying lifeless on their ground. Swit was convinced that her pets were poisoned by an unidentified suspect.

On her post, Swit said that she found her 7 cats already lifeless while 2 were still missing. She also included a video on her post of one of her cats trying desperately to survive in vain.

In addition, she also posted a picture of what she believed was proof that her pets were murdered.

Netizen Raged After Her 7 Cats Died Due To Poisoning!

Other cat-lovers and concerned netizens also expressed their disappointment over what happened.
Her post has so far garnered 17,000 reactions, most of which were “crying” and “angry” emojis, more than 15,000 shares and 5,500 comments.

Meanwhile, Swit is still hoping and praying that she would eventually find out who was behind this senseless crime.
Source: TNP, Facebook

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