MUST WATCH: A Baby Iguana Got Caught In An Island Of Snakes! What He Did Next Will Surprise You! AMAZING!


Escape artists really amuse the audience when they do stunts that people think are impossible to get away with. But what if they got caught on an island full of snakes? Well, this iguana really showed that he is a great escape artist!

An iguana was stuck on an island that is full of snakes. Even though the iguana tried not to move so that the snakes will not detect him, a snake still went in to bite him.

Just before the snake was able to snag him, the iguana rushed off. The chase started, and a crowd of snakes went out to chase him.

Running for his life, the iguana was briefly caught by the snakes, but what’s surprising is that he escaped! The snakes still tried to come after him. However, the iguana is clever enough to escape from their deadly fangs. 

Watch this breath-taking video below!

Source: TNP, Mirror

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