Is Nadine Lipsync-ing In Her Performances? This Video Will Prove That Nadine Lustre Can Actually Sing! Must Watch!


Nadine Lustre has had a lot of critics when it comes to her singing. Lustre has been accused of 
"lip syncing" in most of her performances, and has been tagged as one of the artistas in the industry
who can't really sing. But this week, a video of Nadine Lustre surfaced and finally put an end to the lipsyncing rumors. 

A netizen with a pseudonym of Steffhany Reid posted a backstage moment of Nadine Lustre doing a cover of Arianna Grande's popular song, Into You, while getting her hair ironed. The actress smoothly reached the signature Ariana high notes in her acapella cover. It gained a lot of praises online but bashes are still, of course, expressing their opinions against the actress.

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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