20,000 Ducks In China Cross The Pedestrian Lane Without Violating Any Traffic Rules! MUST WATCH!


An amazing video of 20,000 ducks crossing the pedestrian lane in China is currently hitting the social media community by storm!

A Chinese motorist was able to film this extraordinary phenomenon showing 20,000 ducks in perfect formation while crossing the pedestrian in front of shocked people. As seen in the video, they seem to have come from a wooded undergrowth.

What amazed many netizens is the fact that the ducks seem to made it  sure that they will not violate any traffic rule as they remained inside the pedestrian lane while crossing. According to dailymail.co.uk, not a single duck stepped out of the line.

The 2-minute procession of these ducks made numerous drivers wait patiently. 

Watch their video here:

Source: TNP, DailyMail

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