A Mother With Cancer Sacrificed Her Own Life To Save Her Unborn Daughter!


If there is one thing that we should always be grateful for, it’s having a caring mother by our side. A mother’s love has no limits. 

This heart-wrenching story perfectly captures just how boundless a mother’s love can be.
Elizabeth Joice, a mother diagnosed with cancer from New York City, sacrificed her own life for her unborn child. 

Doctors told Elizabeth that she was no longer able to have children. Imagine her surprise when she found out that was pregnant. The unexpected blessing made her jubilant. 

However, she then had a hard choice to make: give up her child so she can proceed with the cancer treatment or put her own life at risk by forgoing it. 

She didn’t hesitate when it came time to decide, choosing her daughter’s life over her own.
“Having a kid was one of the most important things in the world to her,” Max, her husband said. 
“She said, ‘If we terminate the pregnancy and it turns out I can’t have a baby [later], I’ll be devastated. She knew this might be her only chance.” Max added.

Since Elizabeth was pregnant, this restricted her from undergoing full body MRI scans. The doctors failed to trace where the cancer was growing.

On March 4, a beautiful baby girl, named Lily was born.
The price she Elizabeth was steep. Her cancer spread and tumors invaded her right lung, heart and abdomen.

“We said our goodbyes,” Max lamented. 
“It was like something out of a movie. We sat there and cried. We tried to tell stories, talk about all the great things.”

According to Max, his wife went home five days after their child was born. 
Unfortunately, she passed away on the 9th of March, in her hospital bed with her husband on her side. 

“Liz had this way about her,” Max said. 
“She had this positive energy that made you want to be the best version of yourself. She was intolerant of self-pity.” He added.

Truly, there is no substitute for a mother’s love.

Source: TNP, Abcnews

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