Must Read! The DNA Test That Will Prove That You May Not Be A Pure Filipino! Watch It Here And Prepare To Be Shocked!


If there is one thing that we can definitely improve on – it’s prejudice
It continues to create gaps between people, and at its worst, it could lead to conflicts wherein countless innocent lives are lost.

These problems often begin with our preconceived notions about other people’s skin color, nationality, religion, and physical appearance

In an effort to put an end to prejudice, a travel company called Momondo gathered 67 people from various ethnicities for a DNA test. These individuals came from differing ethnic backgrounds but they all shared one thing in common – they were all proud of their ethnicities and nationalities. Some of them were even downright racist.

The company asked: “Would you dare to question who you really are?” 

Each of the individuals underwent a DNA test. After 2 weeks of waiting for the results, the outcome left them in tears and changed everything that they ever thought about themselves. One particularly racist woman was shaken to her very core and could not stop the tears from flowing out of her.

The video urges people to see beyond race and accept people for who they are and not where they come from. Watch it here and let us know how it makes you feel in the comments section! 

Source: TNP NewsNer

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