Mongolians-Got-Talent Performer Wows The Crowd With Jaw-Dropping Choreography And Self-Made Animations!


Mongolians Got Talent 2016 stage has witnessed a performance that may have never been done before by  a single man.

Canion Shijirbat wowed the crowd with his astounding self-made graphic animations and fitting choreography at the stage of the world-known talent search competition.

According to some fans, the man said it took him 5 months before the he was able to have everything done and fortunately for him, it has paid off.

His one-of-a-kind talent have greatly amazed the netizens from different places as well as it went viral. The video has garnered an unbelievable 12 Million Views, 244,000 reactions and 300,000 shares and counting. 

Source: TNP, Facebook

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