Modern Day Real-Life Hachiko: Loyal Doberman Waits For Its Master In Front Of A Busy Building


A dog's loyalty is impeccable, no wonder they have been dubbed as man's bestfriend.

Filipino Bayan Patroller Belle Seguilla and her friends proudly shares a touching video of a modern-Hachiko doberman that waited infront of a building in Queen & Portland for the return of its human. 

Dobermans are known for being a dangerous and feared breed.

Seguilla and her friends were both curious and in awe. Letting their curiousity get the better of them, they stood far as they captured the dog on video, waiting for the dog's master along with it.

After a couple of minutes, the fortunate master of the dog appeared and, of course, the dog sensed him from afar before he was even visible.

Watch the video below and share what you think of the dog's loyalty.

Source: TNP, Youtube

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