Mocha Uson to LP: Ano bang mas magandang pang dampot ng tae ng pusa?


Just yesterday, Mocha Uson took another shot at the Liberal Party , posting yet another controversial photograph that drew fire from netizens. In the photo, she held two  of the biggest newspapers in the Philippines

The first newspaper's headline is “Anti-Marcos Protests” while the other has “Crisis in Congress looms,” with generous space for a picture of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Mocha Uson captioned the photo with “Mind conditioning or mind conditioning??” She also said that people aren’t easily swayed by the media anymore, now that social media can provide “legitimate” information.

The post went viral overnight, now with over 43 thousand likes and reactions, with more than  5.3 thousand shares. 

Some expressed support for Mocha’s opinions, stating that the internet has indeed been a huge help for many and is a great source for unblemished and unbiased information. 

“Tama ka talaga Maam Mocha..ang news paper ngayun..pangpunas nalang at panglinis ng window...lalo na ang#inquirer...dhil ngayon ay Hi-tech na...kung baga isang bagay nlng ang kanilang paki nabang...#tagaLinis,” one netizen stated.

On the other hand, there were still people who stood up against them and slammed her also for her words, enraged by how many people she could influence. 

“Hindi porket marami kang followers sasamatalahin mo na at aabusuhin mo! Stop turning Filipinos against each other! Entitled ka sa mga opinyon mo pero maging responsable ka naman!,” another said.

Mocha Uson to LP: Ano bang mas magandang pang dampot ng tae ng pusa?
Source: TNP , Facebook

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