Man Was Arrested For Possession Of Illegal Drugs But No One Expected What Happened Next!


Have you ever seen someone propose to his girl while getting inspected by authorities for the possession of illegal drugs?

Last week in Cebu, a bold man had a creative idea which he used to surprise his girlfriend. It was a shocking proposal that would make a normal person think it was crazy.

The man and his girlfriend were about to leave the mall when 2 traffic enforcers came and intercepted them. They told the man that they needed to inspect his motorcycle for suspicious content.

After rummaging through his things, they found something.

The 2 officers immediately told him to get on his knees so they could frisk him. One of the cops took something from the man and said that it was a small sachet of drugs.

The woman started to worry.
The man then unloaded all of the suspected drugs he had until a wedding ring fell out.
The woman started to cry, finally understanding that it was all an elaborate ruse.
All of the witnesses then bathed the couple in applause.

The proposal was indeed romantic and creative, but how would you feel if it happened to you?
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Watch the video here!

Source: TNP Kami

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