SHOCKING: Man Claims He Used THIS To Cure His Stage 4 Cancer!


Despite the different advancements in medical technology, chemotherapy is still considered as the major cure for cancer. Although it is proven to be effective in killing cancer cells, it also destroys good cells in the body and greatly affects the immune system. 

But this man claims to have conquered cancer in a rather amusing way. His name is Vernon Johnson and he refused to undergo chemotherapy despite getting diagnosed of stage 4 cancer. As an alternative, and as his brother suggested, he used cesium chloride to raise his pH levels and help prevent the spread of cancer in his body. Amazingly, it gave better results than radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

After further researches, he also tried the amazing baking soda and mixed it with maple syrup. He drank it every day and it helped increase the pH levels in his body as well. According to some researches he came across, cancer cells spread in an acidic environment so you can counter its growth by raising the alkaline environment inside your body.

What do you think about his claim?

Watch his video below!

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