Malaysian Woman Gets Publicly Shamed For Her Thoughts On How Their Country Is Falling Apart Due To An Inflating Population!


A Malaysian woman is now being publicly shamed online after posting her thoughts on Facebook, where she stated that people should stop making children if they don’t have money to raise one. 

People thought that she was being anti-life, despite her logical stance on the population problem her country was experiencing.

Backed up by journal articles in her Facebook rant, a woman by the name of Syazwani attempted to educate her fellow Malays about proper family planning and education. 

Her post was full of intellectually thought out arguments because she sees that the nation is already suffering from irresponsible couples who have the minds of rabbits.

“You know your husband’s income is RM800-RM1000, then don’t give birth to so many children until 5-6 kids la. Until you trouble yourself, until you don’t even have money for food and drinks. 

Then, you blame the government. In these times, if your pay is below RM1000, it is only enough to sustain one child. No need to make a whole team of children. Be smart in planning (on having) children,” she said on her post.

To ensure people fully understood what it was like to live in her country, she broke down expenses for the benefit of others and foreigners. The University Sains Malaysia graduate, one of the top schools in Malaysia, also included the effects of a ballooning population like increased robbery and petty thefts just so they can provide for their families, and the rise in the number of unhealthy children. 

She wasn’t merely ranting, instead she included ways that one can help out in their own way. She suggested a law be passed that would restrict families to 1 or 2 children, encouraged the use of birth control, asked the wives to help with the bills by working, and many others. 

What surprised many is how negative the people of Malaysia were towards her message. Surprisingly, most netizens disagreed with her, even to the point of calling her ideas stupid and backwards. 
Others even started to spread hatred towards her.

It is important for a country to be united in one goal, and that is to better the nation by starting with the self. Syazwani believed that having families the size of a basketball team would definitely not help with the issue of an inflating population.

Malaysian Woman Gets Publicly Shamed For Her Thoughts On How Their Country Is Falling Apart Due To An Inflating Population!
Source: TNP, WorldOfBuzz

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