LOOK: Viral Screenshots Of Reunited Friends’ Conversation About Coldplay Gone Wrong!


Jhocel Angeles Beckham, a frustrated netizen, shared screenshots of her conversation with an estranged friend. She said that it all happened unexpectedly, for a reason that she found unacceptable.
Initially, Beckham was convinced that her unidentified friend started the conversation in order to catch up with her.

However, the conversation turned out to be a panhandling invitation to the upcoming Coldplay concert next year. The friend asked Beckham if she wanted to come, and asked to be treated to tickets for the show.

Beckham was surprised by her friend’s request since they haven’t talked for almost a year. 

Beckham, visibly upset by her friend’s untoward request, slammed the opportunist by saying that she'd rather not go just to shoulder the tickets.

Beckham posted screenshots of the conversation and captioned them with:

"Tagal na nating di nag uusap. Chat ako ng chat sayo dati, kinakamusta kita. Sine'seen mo lang ako. Tapos bigla kang mapapa'chat dahil sa Coldplay. Tama nga sila. Tama na iniwasan kita. Iwasan niyo po yung mga gantong klaseng kaibigan. Hindi po healthy." 

Read their conversation here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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