Little Miss Gay 2016 Wannabes Now Trending! Their Production Number Will Surely Make Your Day


These little “baklitas” really know how to turn any situation into a fun one!

A video posted by Facebook user Darla Perez hit the social media by storm as it featured a group of Little Miss Gay 2016 wannabes and their production number. 

Their production number was very compelling as they did not just show a simple dance number but it has a choreography that featured their strong skills individually.

Their video has up to 9.1 million views, more than 181 thousand likes, 51 thousand comments and more than 188 thousand shares in a span of only 3 days.

Some of the netizens dubbed them “Mga Batang Sanggre” and thanked them for the entertainment they gave.

Watch their performance here:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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