Leyte Cops Says Richard Gomez Wants Him Dead: 'Talagang pinepersonal ako ni Mayor Richard'


"Nagpunta siya doon, sinabi niya na uubusin ko ang intelligence fund ko mamatay lang si Espenido. Galing iyun sa bibig niya." Espinido reported on a DZMM interview

Albuera police chief inspector, Jovie Espenido, claimed that actor and Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez wants him to have killed due to a personal antipathy. 

According to the police official, Gomez has been holding a grudge against him even before the affidavit of Mayor Espinosa

He also pointed out why Espinosa’s alleged thugs, Galo Bobares, Max Miro, and Brian Zalvadar retracted their statements and accused Espenido and another female police officer of revising their original affidavits. 

Espinosa said that the three men gave their statements to their lawyers but were not detained afterward. However, in the interview, the Albuera police chief added that he was aware that the retraction of statements was caused by the fear of their lives.

"Wala akong capacity na maghawak, magpapakain ng witnesses... Iyung takot ng mga tao hindi ko mapigilan. Kung sa akin nga, they are easy to threaten ba, magsabi na papatayin, sila pa kaya na mga civilian," he said. 

On the other side, Richard Gomez finds the accusations against him utterly ridiculous.

Gomez denied any connections with the Espinosa drug group. He also filed charges against the policemen who reported that his name was mentioned in an Espinosa case conference about the politicians involved with the drug trade.


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