LARGEST MALL IN THE WORLD: SM Prime To Build The Historic Mall by 2018


One of the largest companies in the Philippines is owned by Henry Sy who is the brainchild behind SM Malls. This coming 2018, they are aiming to create the largest mall in the world! 

Being one of the largest contributor in the blossoming economy of the Philippines, the market value of the company is the largest in the country.

SM Megamall (474,000 square meters) and SM North Edsa (498,000 square meters) are both considered to be the giant malls that SM Prime has made here in PH. Not only that, they also have condominiums known as SMDC.

However, there are also SM Malls in China located in Xiamen, Jinjiang, Chengdu, Suzhou, Chongqing and Zibo. SM Xiamen is also an environmental friendly mal as it is a first solar powered mall. Meanwhile, SM Jinjang uses ice for their cooling system.

Now, SM Prime aims to build a giant mall that will cost $483 million! The mall will be located in Tianjin, China. Alongside the vast retail shops, they also want to create an atmosphere of “entertainment and relaxation paradise” so there will be a 5-Star Cinema, Ice Skating Rink, Game Center, Aquaruim, Discovery Center and a gym

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